Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Role of the Media

I've been listening, off and on, tonight to the Republican National Convention. I damn near scream at about half the words I hear, but I have to remind myself of the words of a very wise Republican strategist a few years ago that, when translated to the real world, have a great deal of wisdom. His words were, in a nutshell:

The job of the media is not to manage, but to inform, public opinion.

Simple, yes? But the media, love 'em a I do, sometimes does seem to try to manage public opinion. I heard at the Democratic Convention, and I heard it tonight at the Republican Convention, media representatives either support or argue against the political positions of their guests. That's not their job!

Even if it's PBS, which I trust much more than other media outlets, I get livid when I sense that the media has an agenda. Goddamn it, I don't need instructions, I need information!

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Kathy Rogers said...

I'm not watching it at all.

But C-SPAN would be the way to go.