Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad Beach to the Bone

Club Nikki in Miami is a huge rip-off, in my humble opinion. $76 per person for a fucking bad hamburger and two drink tickets for beer or wine. That included transportation from and back to Trump International. Big deal. For that kind of money, I would have expected the waitstaff to take turns being guests' companions or otherwise fulfilling their fantasies. Miami appears, in general, to be overwhelmed by its own trendiness. I heartily recommend staying away from the city...Beach and City, proper...unless you don't mind being overcharged for underperforming services. Spend you money, instead, funding my retirement. I will be money well-spent


YourFireAnt said...

I did not know that Miami was trendy. To us [up here in the north], every place in the south is a bit of a joke, since many of us's parents went there to retire. Of course, we'll probably get over that once we ourselves begin to retire. I can't imagine not going to work every day, though.

Now as to your retirement fund [in lieu of throwing good money after bad in Miami clubs], how would you like it? suitcases full of small bills? a big check? food stamps?

Chirk up. You'll be back home in Texas soon.


Nicole said...

I always had the impression that Miami was utterly cheesy in a latin Miami Vice kind of way. I've not been to the United States, but I think my cities of choice may be Manhattan, San Francisco and probably Boston. My friend Craig lives near Baltimore and that looks interesting too.

Kathy Rogers said...

I'm sure those sorts of fantasy services are plenty available in Miami as in any big city populated by Hollywood types and their wannabes. But, sadly, it never plays out like the client hopes it will.

Nicole: I hate San Francisco. Go to New York. Go to New York 100 times before even considering wasting any minutes in Frisco. San Francisco is boring and the people, for the most part, are horrifyingly self-congratulating and self-involved. For no damned discernible reason, I might add. Unless you like to be hip deep in pompous assholes, avoid SF like the plague it is.

For what it's worth disclosure: I am a born-and-raised resident of Los Angeles. I don't encourage you to visit Los Angeles, either.

Nicole said...

kathyr - Thanks for the tip! I can't stand pompous and I can't stand assholes, so perhaps one day, when one can travel to the United States without being DNA-ed, fingerprinted and having a cavity search I might actually see New York.