Monday, September 15, 2008

My Biblical Plan...

I just read a post from a fellow blogger that sent me over the edge. In a nutshell, she has decided that the man she loves should adopt her child and he agrees. The father of the child has long since disappeared. She has been advised by an imbecile in the military (her husband is in the military) that the birth father (from 8-9 years ago) must be given the opportunity to object. Yes, the birth father who disappeared AGES ago. There's more. It involves bureaucracy of monumentally stupid proportions.

This kind of shit makes me furious. I start turning deeply Libertarian when I hear this sort of crap, whereby the State decides it has a role to play in the lives of people who are perfectly capable of handling their own. I'm actually very much a democratic, progressive guy, but I have large veins of libertarian ore running through me. Similarly, I have some small, fragile veins of republican financial conservatism running through me, as well. But right now, the libertarian veins are like thick, rich, dark ore. I can't fucking STAND the state trying to run people's private lives! The church and the state hade better keep themselves out of our bedrooms and our living rooms or I will personally start a goddamned insurrection of biblical proportions!

There, I've said it!


Kathy Rogers said...

They're already in the bedroom.

They're not so much in the living room yet because that's where corporations advertise stuff to us. Sacred ground, there.

Also, dude, you're gonna give yourself heart failure.

Nicole said...

"Of biblical proportions", excellent usage of words. Don't get upset. It's still not as bad as being controlled by communists.