Sunday, September 7, 2008

International Rock Flipping Day

Today is International Rock Flipping Day. One of the organizers experienced a personal loss yesterday and I'm posting this entry as a tribute to that person who has done so much to make so many people take an interest in nature. I'm no competition to people like the organizers and their expert photographer and entymologist friends, but I wanted to make my contribution nonetheless. So, here is my rock...though I can't tell whether anything was under it!


Jen said...

Ah, I see lots of little rootlets trying to find a way. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing your discoveries with us.

Dog_geek said...

Good looking rock - I'm guessing that there was probably a great deal of biodiversity living under it. I can imagine all sorts of fascinating creatures that might be under there.

PJ said...

There could be anything under there, that's what makes this meme so much fun. We'll just have to use our imagingations.