Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Republicans Annoy Me More Than I Annoy Them

Tonight, I've let myself do something that makes my blood pressure rise. I've let myself listen to people who I desperately want to believe are smart yet disagree with me on fundamental issues. I've tried my best to believe these people are smart. I want to simply disagree with their philosophies. I want that! But goddamn it, they won't let me believe that! They INSIST on saying things so remarkably stupid that I can't believe, in my heart of hearts, that they believe it and, so, must be liars and manipulators. But then I think more deeply and realize they are just idiots. They're not devious and deceitful. They're stupid and, consequently, very, very dangerous.

Meg Whitman, former CEO of ebay, spoke tonight at the RNC Convention. This woman ran a Fortune 500 company (but she's gone...hmm). Yet she apparently cannot understand the concept of supply and demand. She babbled on that McCain would open up drilling off our coasts, cut taxes, cut the price of gasoline, reduce our energy consumption, and save our planet. Hmmm. Cut the price of gasoline and reduce energy consumption. Is she stupid? Yes, Virginia, I'm afraid their is a stupid female ex-CEO, one who doesn't "get" the law of supply an demand. She doesn't understand that cutting gas prices will INCREASE consumption. She doesn't understand that cutting taxes will REDUCE the money available to the government to spend. She is an imbecile. Perhaps she should be euthanized for the common good; I'm not recommending it, see, I'm just suggesting it as an option that might be considered.

Listening to the people speak tonight at the RNC, I got angry that somewhere along the line, our schools have let pathologically stupid people out into the general population. No child left behind? Hey, wait, maybe we SHOULD have left some of them behind. They're frighteningly dumb.

We cannot elect McCain. If we elect McCain, I guarantee that, in 36 months, I'm going to be an ex-resident of the USA.

I know, I know, my alter-ego recently posted that I don't automatically consider Republicans to be rotten to the core. Call me psychotic. Tonight's speeches made up my mind.

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