Friday, February 11, 2011

A Tropical Hate Wave

I left the house awhile ago to buy coffee. My supply of good beans was dangerously low; I wanted to avoid a meltdown in the morning. I returned with a full tank of gas in my vehicle and:
  • a pound of coffee beans
  • four boxes of Crystal Light popsicles
  • a bag of amaretto-chocolate-covered pecans, and
  • a bag of pecans covered with dark chocolate.

What was that about eating healthy foods? This followed a day of munching on peanuts, despite the fact that my Crohn's disease has shown signs of a flare in recent days.

I don't know...maybe it's the food, maybe it's the stress. I've had a lot more stress than food lately. I've been thinking about, but have not discussed with my wife, calling it quits much sooner than I had been contemplating. My office space lease is up at the end of October, as is my contract for very expensive telephone service. If I get a new lease, I'm looking at three more years, minimum. Do I really want to do that? The immediate, no-question answer: NO! But the question really is this: can I afford NOT to keep going? I don't know. I just don't know.

So, I'll go grab a Crystal Light pop and mull it over. The temperature tonight will drop only to 28 degrees, a veritable heat wave. Popsicles are perfect for such blasts of hot weather.

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