Monday, February 7, 2011

Anything but Work

For three nights running, I've had dreams related to work. One of them was a bizarre one in which the president-elect of a client organization made increasingly aggressive passes at me. I don't know where that one came from; she never has given me any reason to think I need to be concerned about that and I don't loathe the client (any more than normal). Another night's dreams are too fuzzy to really remember; I just know they were based on work. Last night, I spent the night dreaming about trying to find and update the Facebook page of a client. That one is real; someone (not me) created a Facebook page using the client's info/logo, etc. but hasn't updated it in three years but now it appears the board thinks I have been sitting on my hands since creating it.

All three nights suggest to me I need something else on my mind than work.

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