Saturday, February 26, 2011


So, the decision's made. How do I go about implementing it? It's going to be tougher than I expected. And I'm dumbfounded that I feel pangs of remorse. WTF?

And, though it's made, the minutia have not been addressed. That's where the hard stuff starts, I suspect.

Why do I feel a sense of dread that I've made the wrong decision, instead of a sense of overwhelming joy that I'll be free?


bev said...

Letting go is always a little scary or weird. For myself, it has been one of the most difficult, but also rewarding skills to learn.
Even when we are quite sure that things will work out, part of us has a hard time believing that the things are going to be okay. It's what holds most or us back -- that fear of the unknown. However, we usually have to let go in order to explore new territory. For myself, the really scary thing is to stay still and let time run out on me without experiencing more of this world before I leave it.

Challenge Management, Inc. said...
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Springer Kneeblood said...

Yes, Bev, it's tough. I thought my decision was made and that it was a joint one, but today I was told that it had been mine and mine alone. And now I wonder if it's been made, after all.