Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pretend It's All Wonderful

While the rest of the world watches the Oscars, I've started watching an episode of Masterpiece Classic, Any Human Heart, on PBS. It's only the second episode I've seen, or seen in part; I don't know how many others there are. What I've seen so far, in the one lsat week and the one so far tonight, it's spectacularly good. Much better than watching the Oscars.

But I'm losing interest. Well, not interest I'm losing the ability to focus. So many things on my mind. So many decisions to make, or reverse, or pretend weren't made. Everything is just peachy. Everything is wonderful. All's well. That ends well.

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TaraDharma said...

I saw the series - wow. It makes me feel elated and sad all at the same time. "It's not what's behind you, but what's in front of you that matters." Can that still really be so in our middle age? I hope so.