Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foundation: Third Bid

$4200, more or less. It depends. The last guy suggests we not do any piers but, instead, put in root barriers between two trees (that he thinks are responsible for the foundation problems) and the house. Then, wait a year and see if the cracks and out-of-square doors self-correct. That would only cost $1900. But we'd have to wait a year or more to see if that solved the problem. If not, it would involve internal piers and maybe more of them. But if we want to just do it, it would be $ various engineering and other fees. I'm thinking about $5K in total.

Now, a decision. But what?


bev said...

What do your instincts tell you after speaking to each of the three guys about their estimates? When you have no real way of evaluating what to do, I sometimes think it's better to go with your gut feeling on which guy can do what he says he can do - or is giving you the straight goods. Just a thought.

Springer Kneeblood said...

I'm inclined to go with #3, but not put off the piers. Just get 'em done with now. I agree, Bev, going with you gut can be the best way. Of course I have had my share of doing it that way, only to regret it. But there's no way of knowing in advance.