Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Foundation: Second Bid

$5200-$7100 plus potentially optional piers. Who would have thought foundation bids could be so far apart? Second bid said there might be three additional piers, ranging from $1300 to $1900 for the three, depending on what type of pier I opted to have installed. And this bid included root barriers for two large trees, whereas the $11,800+ first bid did not include them. And the proposed locations of piers differed considerably. The second bid did not include tearing up the tile floor. I prefer the lower price, but what I really want is the best job. That's the real problem...evaluating the bids.


bev said...

Hard to figure out that kind of thing, especially if you don't know the company's past work. Is there any way to check and see if they've got a good reputation? I suppose I might go with the one that was going to do less interior damage -- but then, perhaps it's not that big a deal to remove the tiles for the work on the piers, and then replace it again after. Hmmm! Well, now, if I were ME, I'd probably try to figure out how to do it myself, go and buy some sack of concrete, and go to it! Actually, I'll be doing some concrete work pretty soon - that collapsing basement stairs well outside the house. Not exactly looking forward to it, but it's probably won't be that big a deal.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Bev, if it weren't for the fact that I could do a whole lot of damage trying to "fix" it myselfe, I might try. But I won't. Be careful with that collapsing basement stair well.