Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Fine Fantasy

I watched a special on PBS about Jim Morrison. Very touching and poignant. It made me wonder, though. What about the people who don't have talent, but who are wracked with guilt and pain and heartache that doesn't play out well for an international audience? What about people who aren't good at selling their ideas and their poetry to the press? What about the people who can't depend on a recording contract to support their self-indulgences?

Screw those people. They weren't born at the right time, with the right silver spoon stuck deeply up their behinds. Just let the fuckers suffer and then die. I know it's not the way "the world" wants it to work, but that's just the way it is. Justice is a fine fantasy.


Phil said...

There was an interesting article in our local paper today that seems to fall into the gist of this post. It's about a quarterback who never experienced failure until he was drafted (ahead of Peyton Manning) by San Diego. He just hit a wall of some kind, sounds like it was psychological, but a wall nonetheless. Then, despite the millions of dollars he was paid, his life unraveled. It's almost like Greek myth:

Springer Kneeblood said...

Jesus, the comments on that story are a combination of raw hatred and hero-worship! I thought his comments revealed that he recognized that he had been arrogant, but came to realize it. Thanks, Phil, for the link; it is a very interesting article.