Monday, April 12, 2010

High School

I had breakfast yesterday morning with a woman I'd not seen nor spoken to since I graduated from high school 38 years ago. She was a svelte cheerleader then, a highly popular girl on whom I had a mad crush but told no one about it. I dared not ask her out for fear of certain rejection and ostracism.

I stumbled upon her on Facebook a few months ago and asked to try to get together when I got to Corpus. We've not had many Facebook communications, so I didn't really know much about her or her life since high school. I learned a bit about her.

She spoke of her sense of loneliness when there were dances and proms, because no one would dare ask her out because they, like I, felt she would never accept.

I spoke to her for almost 3 hours and found her to be charming, interesting, and intelligent. I learned lots about people who attended school with me...not terribly exciting, but interesting. I hope I stay in touch with her, simply because she seems like a pleasant person and has memories of some of the same things I do.

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