Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anniversarial Weather

This was the weekend that my favorite wife and I were to celebrate our 30th anniversary that has just passed, but we awoke this morning to a world drenched in wetness. So, instead of initiating a road trip of epic proportions, we're sitting inside wondering whether this weather thing will last. Our plan was to go find wildflowers, the backroads of Texas for which are known repositories. We wanted to find bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, wine cups, evening primrose, Mexican hats, and a million other brilliantly colored wild creatures sprouting from the roadside for our viewing pleasure. Instead, we're faced with wetness.

Seeing the disappointment in my eyes, my favorite wife offered to make me coffee (this, alone, is epic...she has rarely, if ever, offered to make me coffee in our entire blissful thirty years), but I was not in the mood. She then offered to make me tea, but that, too, was insufficient to lift my spirits. She then offered me "wotka," which though done in jest was a truly magnanimous jesture. I declined because it is not yet 9:00 am locally.

I have decided to shower and shave, a gift to my favorite wife in return for her generous offerings. Then, we may fight the wetness or, if that remains an unttractive option, we may brave a short trip to a breakfast establishment.

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