Saturday, April 10, 2010


The people who live along the coastal plains of Texas, at least those who understand what they have here, tend to understate the benefits of living where they do. They tend to speak in pejorative terms about life here. They bemoan the fact that the largest city down here is still small and not very cosmopolitan. But they are hiding something.

They are afraid of relinquishing their hold here because they're afraid that development could obliterate what they have here. There's plenty of evidence that over-development is already happening. The people who understand the preciousness of this part of Texas hate that it seems irreversible.

I could enjoy living here again. But I, too, would be fighting over-development. And I'd know I was in a losing battle.

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Pensionado said...

Enjoy? Well, maybe compared to "Big D." Still too hot, humid, and redneck haunted for me.