Monday, November 16, 2009

$12 Makeover

Long-sleeved, bright-red t-shirts belong on the bodies of young, well-chiseled young men. They do not belong on the bodies of geezers who ignore...nay, shun...the benefits of exercise and eating sensibly. That notwithstanding, I am wearing a very nice, soft, comfortable t-shirt, deep cranberry red, and it looks and feels, to me, like it was made for me.

The shirt's arms are a bit long, since they were designed for someone considerably taller than I, someone with dramatically longer arms. But that doesn't matter. I like this shirt. But I was prepared not to like it. You see, I intended to buy a short-sleeve shirt. I thought I had done so. But by the time I had torn all the tags off of it and thrown it into the washer, it was too late to turn back. That, and the fact that it cost something like $12, made it seem silly to drive all the way back to the place I bought it. So I didn't. And here I am, liking it.

This shirt may well change my image of myself. From the upper arms and shoulder up (at least up to my lowest chin), I look good. That's worth the $12 I spent!


KathyR said...

Quick. Go buy another one. Anything that makes you feel that good is worth having a backup, even at 3x the price,

YourFireAnt said...

You look great. C'mere & I'll give you a kiss.


Springer Kneeblood said...

OK, Kathy, I'm going back this weekend to see if I can get more. And FA, I'll take you up on that kiss...but it may be next Spring or Summer before I get there.