Sunday, April 5, 2009

Single Rabbit, Double Dog

It's a bad photo, taken (several days ago) toward the setting sun, through coated glass. But it's the best I could do at the time. The rabbit munched happily on my back yard grass for quite some time. He (she?) did not seem to mind the bizarre light reflecting from our bedroom windows back onto the fence and the two old windows I hung there (next to the metal sculpture of a saguaro cactus). Those windows and that sculpture may one day form the focal points for an outdoor beer-drinking room. Everyone should have one of those.

And this was today's lunch. My version, anyway. My wife eschewed my offer to make her a Chicago-style hot dog, complete with bright green relish, mustard, sport peppers, tomato wedges, onions, a dill pickle spear, and celery salt. She said she would make her own "plain" version a little later. Hah! She is only fooling herself; no one could prefer a plain dog to an Alpha Dog!


YourFireAnt said...

With all that stuff on it, are you sure it's still a hot dog?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

You're sure those are hot dogs, yes? And not, um, bunny dogs???