Sunday, April 26, 2009

Backyard Flora, Flood, and Fowl

Below are photos from today's exploits:
1) The flora hanging from the soffit seen through the large center pane of glass;
2) The flood of the fountain that I fixed (unavoidable alliteration);
3) A bird that is in the process of building a nest in a birdhouse that is hidden by the post to the right in the second photo (but the pole on which birdhouse sits is visible above the rear quarter of the bird);
4) Dragonflies that found a home in our garden and that became our pets;
5) Another fountain shot, from the outside looking in (at the reflections in the window);
6) Raul Rabbit, another of our pets;
7) A shot of the birdhouse, which is now chock-full of a bird family; and
8) Matilda the Duck, our most recently procured pet.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Those are *my* kind of pets....

So beautiful! And you never have to worry about mosquitos, having those dragon flies around....


KathyR said...

Are those some kind of giant reptiles on the wall there? Your fountain has attracted quite a variety of critters.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Yes...the dragon flies electrocute the mosquitos before eating them. And the giant reptiles used to be our pet crazy lizards. But then we met an aggressive taxidermist.

bev said...

Quite the funky birdhouse, and I like the fountain. After spending last winter at a house with a fountain, I'm thinking that they are a nice thing to have in the garden -- not so much for me, but for the birds and insects that came there to drink each day. Most fun were several hummingbirds that would drink from and then get right into the top tier to have a bath. I'd never seen hummingbirds bathing before, so that was quite interesting.

phil said...

That's awfully frickin' green for Tejas, no? Very nice. Why move?