Sunday, January 11, 2009

Writing a Wrong

I'm nothing if not wishy-washy. Well, maybe it's not wishy-washy, maybe it's indecisive. But that suggests I don't make quick decisions, which I do, so perhaps it's actually that I'm WRONG SO MUCH OF THE TIME!

That's it. I make decisions and the decisions have to be revisited because they're wrong. Or I forgot I made them.

Take yesterday's post about my newsletter for clients. On reflection, I realize that most of my clients and their board members probably won't have any interest in my assessments and predictions about the outcomes of complex interactions between social and economic and technological and political events. Inasmuch as my assumption about their actual interest in and appreciation for my writing played a significant part in my decision to start a client newsletter, it's time to rethink this thing.

So, I've decided, instead to write children's stories. For fodder, I'll use all of those funny and touching experiences rearing children of my own so what I write will be realistic and...wait! Oh my god, we forgot to have children! I have no fodder! Well, I could write the unauthorized autobiography of my imaginary offspring, I guess. No! If I do that, people will come around asking to see my children and, when I can't produce them, I'll be jailed and charged with something horrendous that will make my family and friends shrink away from me and express horror at what I could have done.

See, that's how it goes. I have these grandiose ideas, things that I find appealing and worthy of my dependable two days worth of focused thought, and then BAM! they're gone. Either I run out of interest or I realize the ideas were appallingly bad to begin with. Or I simply get sidetracked and by the time I get around to them six months later someone else has taken the idea public and has become filthy rich in the process.

Well, until I come up with better ideas, I guess I'll stick with the client newsletter thing. At least I can feel good about writing a wrong.

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