Friday, January 16, 2009


My client board meeting got dramatic this morning when the president called me in my hotel room to report she had been quite ill all night and needed to get to a doctor or the ER. Fortunately, a local board member came to the rescue, taking the president to her doctor who quickly admitted her to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, she was in surgery for a suspected appendicitis. Sure enough, it had ruptured. Latest news is that she's going to be fine. Her husband was flying in to be with her later today.
Otherwise, the meeting went well. Better than I expected.
But I'm glad to be home. And I'm especially glad I didn't have to experience an on-water evacuation of the plane, as many did yesterday in New York. My preference for the person to pilot any plane I fly on has become Sully Sullenberger.

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Nicole said...

Thankfully they landed on water!