Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

My welcome home from my business trip included a traffic ticket waiting in the mail. It was for running a red light in Baytown, TX on January 1. There were photos of my car approaching the intersection (i.e., just a couple of feet before the white line on the pavement), my car going through the intersection where the light was clearly red, and a close-up of the tags on the rear of my car. According to the ticket, I was going 12 miles per hour as I ripped through the light.

While I'm not fond of Big Brother watching me, I can't help but admit I did run the light. I remember it vividly. I was annoyed by something and had roared up to the light after I roared out of the motel parking lot. The light turned to yellow as I was approaching, too fast to stop before it turned red. So, I said something to the effect that "I know I'm breaking the laws of man and nature, but I'm going to run it anyway." There were no other cars nearby, no one waiting to drive through, so no danger. Except the danger of getting caught. And I did. It is so rare that I run red lights that I distinctly remember this last time I did...and I got a ticket for it. My first ticket in about 8-10 years (the last one was for murder with a motor vehicle...just kidding!).

So, I'll be forwarding a $75 payment for running a red light.

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