Tuesday, January 13, 2009

But I Don't Like Sweetened Tea

I'm going to Atlanta on Wednesday; back Friday night. Probably no time to blog...but maybe.

Today's big news: one of my newest clients is no longer a client. It only took me a month and a half to decide I don't want them if they aren't going to pay me. No backlash yet. But it' coming, I'm sure. And now I need a client to replace the client that really never was.

One day, I'll learn BEFORE I take on a client that I must NEVER believe what they TELL me their balance sheet looks like. If I can't see it, they probably don't have one. Bad sign, a business without a balance sheet.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

"A business without a balance sheet" -- yeah, I suppose even *I* might find that mildly disturbing...


Phil said...

You can make the income statement say anything. My first act when I'm introduced to a business is to start at the top of the balance sheet and kick every account until the spiders run out. Once you verify everything on the balance sheet, the income statement has no place to hide.