Monday, July 19, 2010

Road-Trip Barbeque!

In lieu of doing work that I desparately need to do around the house next weekend, I'm joining a couple of other guys on a hard-driving BBQ road trip on Saturday. We'll drive to Lexington (Snow's), Llano (Cooper's), and Lockhart (Kruetz Market and Black's) before turning to head back home. Lexington's is said to run out of food before noon, so we're heading out early (5:30 am) to be sure we are not disappointed.

There are plenty of other places we could go (Smitty's in Lockhart, Louis Mueller's and Mikeska's in Taylor, City Market and Luling Bar-BQ in Luling, and plenty more, but we have limited time, money, and space in our stomachs.

My target meats are: coarsely-ground, highly spiced sausage; brisket; cabrito (baby goat); and any number of ribs and various cut of pork. The unfortunate fact about having only three guys on the trip is that we won't be able to get portions that are small enough to allow each of us to share small portions.

I hope this BBQ adventure meets my expectations. If not, I'll have to try another food tourism adventure soon.