Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Shock

My wife experienced another shock tonight...her ICD shocked her much like it did recently. We ran the "diagnostics" and sent the data off and tomorrow will call her doctor's office.

Even though the doctor told us this is not something that should cause the shock, it's done it again and it's scary.

She's not scheduled for the alteration in her medication until the end of the month; I'm not sure I want to wait, but I'm not sure I want the change either. I'm worried and feel like I don't really know who to ask for advice, other than her doctor. Depending on one guy who I don't know well and whose accolades have come from his immediate colleagues is worrisome.


Pensionado said...

I know how you must feel. But I have no advice to give. Joan's "expert" doctor has apparently recommended that she resume the meds that produced bad side effects - muscle pain and elevated liver enzymes. These folks either don't listen well, or simply advise w/o really paying attention to symptoms.

bev said...

Well, that's all quite worrisome. I'd probably try to move that hospital date forward if possible. JMHO, of course.