Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bacon Blogger

I had a dream last night that suggests I may be spending too much time in the ether.

The dream involved a woman whose blogs I often read for amusement. There's rarely anything deep and solemn in her posts; rather, there's a sharp wit and a lust for life that fairly jumps off the screen and grabs the reader around the neck. It's entertainment and fun. I wouldn't want it any other way.

But in this dream, my blogger friend appears (I know it's her because her photo appears regularly in her posts). Unlike the way I envision her when I'm reading her blog, though, her demeanor in my dream is just shy of the abyss: despondent, disconsolate, discouraged, downcast, downhearted, depressed, dejected, and disheartened to the extreme. I believe her blog way more than I believed the dream. Speaking of which, the dream.

This forlorn woman was riding a ferry with me. Not with me; she was on the same ferry. The wind was blowing, hard, and we were standing at the front, looking toward the shore. We obviously knew one another, but not well. She turned to me at one point and said (this is not precise...I'm reconstituting a somewhat blurry dream): "You can feel the bacon spray, can't you?! They cook that goddamn bacon on the way over and they don't care that the spray gets in the mist and gets all over the people who rely on the ferry to get to work!"

I was not quite sure what she was referring to, but I had an idea because the ferry had a buffet service, inside in a covered central area, that included several huge stainless steel boxes full of bacon, each sitting over a warming candle. At any rate, she kept on ranting about the salt-water spray being full of bacon. She complained that bacon grease, in mist form, was getting all over her dress, shoes, legs, etc.

I wasn't sure whether I knew about her or had dreamed about her, so I was hesitant to ask but I did anyway: "How's it going at the tavern?" In my dream I hadn't been dreaming; "It's OK, but they started making bacon sandwiches over there, too! Ricky (who the hell is Ricky? I have no idea) told me he'd change the menu to fish, but he never does anything he says he'll do."

And that's kind of the way the dream goes. My blogger friend, who in her photos looks bright and happy and all smiles, looks bedraggled and beaten and has nothing on her mind but this bizarre aversion to bacon and "bacon mist." I'll have to ask Ellie (my blogger friend) if there's anything to this bacon thing.


bev said...

Hmmm.. how come there's so much bacon spray in these last couple of posts! Speaking of smelly ferry rides. In the late 90s, Don and I took the ferry from St. John, NB to Digby, NS. They serve deep-fried clams in the diner onboard. Not exactly appetizing to a vegetarian, especially when you're on a boat plowing across the Bay of Fundy in a swell. I was okay though - I sat on the open deck watching the ice build up on the steel railings -- this in late August. Fortunely, no bacon spray floated in the mist or I probably would have been seasick. Fried clams and pitching ferry boats do not make a good combo.

Springer Kneeblood said...

I don't know, Bev...maybe I'm having bacon-lust. I think your smelly ferry ride sounds more interesting than mine. I mean, being in the Bay of Fundy just has to be spectacular...with our without bacon, or clams, for that matter.

Kathy Rogers said...

Everything is better with bacon. Too bad you probably won't have time to get a street bacon-wrapped hotdog while you're in L.A.