Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walking for Beer

Despite having missed a number of walking days in August, and thanks to going well over my 100-mile-minimum in July, I remain on target to reach 1000 miles of walking by year's end.  As of this morning, after walking 5.25 miles, I have recorded 606 miles of walking since March 6.  Of course I must now really pour it on to make it.  This month, I've only walked 78 miles and I seriously doubt I'll put in another 22 miles before the end of the month.  So, I will have missed the target for the month.  I cannot let that happen much between now and the end of the year if I expect to make the goal.

In other news, Hurricane Isaac has slammed into the Louisiana coast and is causing widespread flooding this morning.  The expectation is that it will continue to drench the state for the remainder of the day, at least.  What that will do to my plans to go to New Orleans next week remains to be seen.

Now, it's time to shower.  We're picking up a friend of mine at 11:00 am and heading out to the Flying Saucer on the Lake for lunch and a couple of beers.  He says this location is exceptional!

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