Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pockets of Wonder

Last night's dream, the parts I remember, was strange and disturbing.  I awoke just after a woman's entire arm, up the the shoulder, had reached into the left pocket of my shorts.

Initially, she had reached into my pocket to find my car keys because I could not.  Both of my hands, beyond my wrists, were coated in what seemed like a thick beige glue.  The glue had covered my hands when I'd reached out to catch myself from tripping.  When I held out my hands to catch my fall, I felt my hands plunge, very gently and slowly, through the ground into a soft, gooey pocket; it felt like I was punching a balloon.

When I pulled my hands back, they were coated with the goo.  The woman, who is someone I know (but not very well), seemed to know I could not simply wash my hands off or use a towel on them; the goo was not so easily removed.  She suggested she could drive me to a convenience store to wash my hands.

I felt uneasy telling her my keys were in my pocket.  I had a sense she would react as if I were trying to seduce her by asking her to reach into my pocket.  But she readily agreed.

She reached in my pocket.  I was surprised that she could not reach the bottom of the garment.  She kept reaching and I got increasingly embarrassed.  And then she reached it, but recoiled and said something like "ewwwh!  There's shrimp in here!"  And sure enough when she pulled her hand out, she was clutching the remains of some shrimp.  I could smell it.

And then I woke up.  I wonder what she was going to do.  I just wonder.