Saturday, August 25, 2012

Several years ago, my late sister mentioned to me, praising it as a great service for people who have items to give away and for people who need items but don't have the money to buy them.  I signed up for a week or so ago, with the objective of having a resource to get rid of usable things directly to people who need them, versus going through an intermediary like the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries.  Let me hasten to add that I think both of those latter services are very valuable, but there's something about that I find extremely appealing.

The way it works is this: if someone has an item to give away, they post the item. If someone needs something, they post what they need...or they look to see what's available.  No money changes hands.  There is no bartering.  It's purely GIVE and TAKE, with no exchange of money or promises.  It's a beautiful concept.

I guess it's the fact that the beneficiary of one's contributions are know to be "real" people.  It shouldn't matter; ultimately, it doesn't but it still feels good to know I may be helping someone directly and immediately.

Today was the first time I've posted an item to give away, a lawnmower that has a working engine but whose  front wheel assembly is broken.  Someone with more tools, more energy, and more motivation than I have should be able to put the mower back in service relatively quickly and inexpensively.  Relative to me; it would have taken weeks and multiple trips to the parts supply house, I'm sure.  Better for a more capable person to take on the task.

I have been impressed to see the kinds of things people are offering: refrigerators, air conditioners, furniture, bicycles, tools, canned just goes on and on.  When I view the list of available items, the hard shell surrounding my faith in humanity begins to soften, if only just a tad.

I have had just one inquiry about my lawnmower.  That's OK. If the guy needs it and will pick it up, it's his.

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