Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moment of Terror

This is a photo of our back patio. This is where, this morning, a very small rabbit startled me by darting out from the bushes just under the windows through which this photo was taken (about where the "dragon fly" is located) and across the patio to the bushes under the windows to the left of the photo.  I was kneeling on the right side of the patio, where you can see (just barely), the aloe vera plant about mid-way on the right side, under (on the image) the Adirondack chair on the right).  I heard nothing but, just as I turned to look toward the house, I saw something dart out from the plants behind me.  It scared the wits out of me for a second (known herein as the "moment of terror), then I realized it was a rabbit.  I went looking in the overgrown bed to the left, just above the table in the photo, where I saw the tiny creature huddled next to the foundation.  Just as I saw it, it moved to the right to take cover under the leaves of the plants. I just had to record my moment of terror for the record, complete with a photographic representation of what the evidence would look like if I had evidence.

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