Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Trips & Uncle Sam's Insensitivity

Today started with a "free" breakfast at the hotel. Then, west on Highway 60 toward the Very Large Array radiotelescopes we visited during another visit. But after going only 36 miles west, the climate changed; snow, frigid winds, and slushy roads. I think the altitude changed by about 1800 feet, too, contributing to the weather.

So, back to Soccoro to visit the Mineral Museum. Then, lunch back at the Owl in San Antonio (where we had ordered green chile cheeseburgers yesterday, but were given burgers with no green chiles). Today, we got what we ordered and they were good. The waitstaff was utterly incompetent, though, and did not seem to be at all interested in representing the cheesy little dive in a more customer-pleasing way.

Then, north to Albuquerque, where we just got a room for the night and my wife instantly opted for a nap. I'm ready to explore, if she'll just get up.

I have been unable to stop myself from checking email and it's a good thing I have. Multiple issues surfaced that would have utterly ruined my Monday had I let them wait. On the other hand, I feel like I'm not on a break but, instead, just away from my office during work hours.

Why won't Uncle Sam let me retire early and give me full Social Security benefits? It's because he's a stinking bastard who deserves to have his throat slit and have "his" money emptied out of all the banks and put into mine.

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