Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Mexican Tingo

Our first thoughts this morning were about breakfast. So we went to Cecilia's, a little Mexican place in Old Town. We both had burritos; machaca for my wife, carne adovada for me. I took photos; will post later. The place is worth the trip.

Next up: driving south. Maybe Soccoro, maybe Truth or Consequences, maybe south and west to Silver City. Too bad we're flying back Saturday.

I'm in the mood for a six-month road trip. But NOT in the Pontiac G-6 we rented last night after we got in. The car is a "full size" car; full-size if you're a starving dwarf.

We expect to have rain and snow most of the next two days. Such is life. I can live with it.

I feel good! I could engage in a dance with Australian wild dogs (the tingo), I feel so good! Hence the title (courtesy of my friend Ellie, who coined the meaning of the word (though I'm relatively certain tingo is also a Paraguayan tea...).


Nicole said...

Tingo with a 'D' - Dingo :)

Springer Kneeblood said...

Yes, Nicole, but Tingo with a 'T' is a "dancing" (as in tango) dingo, hence dancing Australian wild dog. Hey, how are you?! Last I looked (a week ago?) you were wandering around Europe, I think.

bev said...

Hmm.. yes, too bad you don't have a week or so rather than a couple of days - and that the weather isn't just a little better. Maybe could have swung by Bisbee! (-:

Springer Kneeblood said...

Bev, I wish I could drop in on you!