Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Money

I've been reading and hearing about horrendous weather conditions throughout the northwest, north central states, and the northeast. For all of you who are dealing with this miserable weather, good luck...stay indoors, if you can, and try to stay warm. I think of the people who have no homes to go to in this godawful weather and I feel too fortunate.

I'm not giving any gifts this year for Christmas. I couldn't, not in good conscience. My money is needed elsewhere.


YourFireAnt said...

It's not so bad, really. The plows have cleared every street by now and the highways too.

As for gifts, who needs them. You're probably gift enough to anyone you would've given one to.

Merry Ch'mas!


Phil said...

Thanks for your concern! We're doing fine, had a good time walking around this afternoon, just awestruck at the continuing barrage of the white stuff.

As long as I have internet, I can work on most of my clients remotely, so I'll probably spend the day in my jammies tomorrow.