Thursday, December 18, 2008


  • A new client is, indeed, insolvent. Yet I've agreed to try to turn that around. But I have not agreed to work for free. I made it abundantly clear that I expect to be paid. We'll see.
  • Another new client is much, much more active than I thought...meetings of one kind or another at least monthly, sometimes several times in a assessment of the hours I estimated to spend is in order.
  • I've been eating either canned soup or boxed noodles (the microwave variety, complete with packets of seasonings, etc.) for lunch. I prefer this stuff to my typical sliced deli meats and mounds of chopped tomatoes. At least for now.
  • I'm planning my very limited travels for next year, or trying to. So far, my only business trips look like Houston, Austin, San Antonio (see a Texas theme going?) and Washington, DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. This could change, of course. And almost certainly will.
  • Enough bullets for now.

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