Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Am I a Pantheist?

It's too close to Christmas. I'm not a Christmas fan, but there are feelings there that I can't deny. But those feelings don't address the spirituality of Christmas. They address the spirituality of human relationships. I read something this weekend that made me question whether I'm actually an atheist or a pantheist. Hmm. In any event, human relationships come into sharper focus this time of year. Whatever the reason, they just do.


Ursula said...

Yeah, that ineffable something that makes you enjoy your friends more. Even your family.

I hate Ch'mas.


p.s. word verif: ingle. A cozy word.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Pantheist, huh? Hmmm. Maybe that explains how I'm feeling these days.....


scarletvirago said...

You can't live in America, where bombardment of all the senses with xmas "cheer" is unavoidable, and not be affected in some way.

I heard something funny about that recently:

"I don't like forced happiness. Don't inflict your happiness on me." -tee hee!

isabelita said...

Around this time of year, I become a Cookietyrian!