Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Riveting Vacation Stories

I'm following the plan, just more slowly than I planned. Tonight I'm at the Hampton Inn in Natchitoches. After lunch at the Mariner on the lake on the edge of Natchitoches (a beautiful place on the lake with great views...and a very nice, if expensive, buffet), I didnt' feel awfully well, so we decided we'd stay here for the we could check into a motel and I'd be able to take a nap.

After my 20 minute nap turned into an hour or more, we went wandering around the old historic downtown area, which is decorated for Christmas with extraordinary light displays and piped-in carols that fill the air. Lots of little antique stores, etc. around the riverfront street and, despite being very cool and rainy, it was a nice place to kick back and relax.

The day disappeared somehow. After darkness fell, we talked about where to have dinner. We ended up at Nicky's, a Mexican restaurant. The service was surprisingly bad; it's obvious to me the staff haven't been trained and, moreover, probably are not treated well. Lots of frowns, very rare smiles, poor service, forgetful waitstaff, etc., etc. But it was packed! I'd bet if they had competition with even moderately pleasant waitstaff, the competition would blow Nicky's away.

Tonight, I Am Legend was on HBO, so absent anything better, that was what we watched. My rating would be an F. Swill, pure and simple.

There you have it. Another day in the life of a vacationing crazy man.


Nicole said...

We've just been hanging around, visiting the beach and going to buy things like perfume for myself and a little laptop for Vincent and I also want a cross-trainer, but that's for tomorrow's to-do. Otherwise we haven't done an awful lot with our vacation days, it's almost like we have forgotten how to have a holiday.

Ursula said...

I'm trying to imagine myself on a traveling vacation this time of year. Climate makes such a difference, doesn't it.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I always get Natichoches and Nacogdoches mixed up.