Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Supremely and Uniquely Unqualified

"Governor Palin is supremely and uniquely unqualified to hold the office to which she aspires."

As much as James Carville can be a horse's ass, he can occasionally articulate clearly and concisely that which others have a hard time communicating.


Ellie said...

Says it all, doesn't it? "supremely and uniquely". You may think James Carville a sometimes horse's ass; I think he's awesome. The man can turn a phrase.

Hey, all the best to your wife -- I love the word "survivor".

bee said...

i like the phrase used on a blog to describe her: "Pride in Ignorance".

isabelita said...

It doesn't matter. Shrub wasn't qualified, either, but served the same purpose that Plain will,if, may mother nature forfend, she and McNuts are elected: A further opportunity for the GOPers and their fellow travelers to continue looting and pillaging.
NO more "reaching across the aisles." NO more bullshit about non-partisanship. This lot wants to ruin the country.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Isabelita, you're right. Shrub wasn't even qualified to cut brush, but he does it so well! While I'm in favor of reaching across the aisle, there are certain people who I'd like to reach across the aisle and bludgeon to death with an axe handle. I'm not sayin' who, y'know?!