Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Synaptic Firings

Yesterday was a day of goofing off, for the most part. After spending a fortune on getting my car's semi-annual wash-the-crap-off-the-aging-paint-and-windshield experience handled, we went for a drive.

We were off to downtown McKinney to visit the antique shops and take a walk in the very nice weather. We had lunch at a pub (fish & chips with a Guiness and shepherd's pie with a Boddington's ale) which was overly filling, but it gave impetus to wander a bit more to walk it off.

The drive back home through dozens of little towns that have now become extensions of Dallas was rewarding. We came across some metal sculpture, in front of a bank, that was appealing; I took a few photos, but I left the damn docking station for the camera at my office, so can't post them.

After a stop at Lowe's to get odds & ends (and use a $10 coupon), we went out again late in the day in search of a pizza place we'd heard about and for which we had a nice coupon (buy one, get one free). The pizza was good, but I'm not sure it was worth the drive. But now we have lots of cold pizza in the refrigerator.

A brother called last night and informed me that he's going to be giving a presentation at the Texas Folklore Society early next year. I'm hoping my calendar is open at the time so I can go see him and support the presentation.

We watched The Negotiator, with Samuel Jackson and Kevin Spacey last night. I think I've seen it before (it was made in 1998). It's not high art, but it was the sort of action video I wanted last night; no need to think, just entertainment.

I've broken my lifelong prohibition against bumper stickers on my car. The Bastard is now sporting a sticker on his rear bumper that says, "No Third Term, Vote Democratic." My neighborhood is filled with yard signs extolling the virtues of a McCain-Palin ticket.

I would fight back with my own Obama-Biden signs, but I simply refuse to pay for the privilege. I'm happy to support the ticket with a donation, but I'll be damned if I'll be forced to buy a sign to show my support. It would be one thing if they said, "make a contribution and we'll give you a yard sign...they're not doing that. They're requiring a PURCHASE of a sign, in addition to any donation you care to make. I'll show that support on my ballot. I think the decision to require supporters to buy signs was a very, very bad one that I hope future campaigns don't repeat.

We're in the final 100 days of the Bush presidency. A truly catastrophic period in American history is coming to an end, but it will be generations before the damage Bush has done can be erased if, indeed, his legacy can ever be righted. He has led this country away from its fundamental principles, wrecked its reputation around the world, single-handedly started wars, spewed vitriolic arrogance toward virtually all of the rest of the world, attempted to introduce a theocracy, and otherwise behaved as the narrow-minded idiot that he is. If the citizens of this country really did have a voice, it would have been heard as we cried out for justice through his impeachment and imprisonment. How in the name of all that is good can we let this man leave office quietly and live out an undeserved life of privilege?

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

Amen, brother, amen. Well put. How, indeed.