Friday, October 31, 2008


55:10 That's my new shorthand for my age; years:days.

Tonight, pleasant little kids and vapid little beasts will be out wrangling candy from innocents like me who have been brainwashed into feeding them all sorts of noxious poisons that beg the little monsters to become diebetic in front of our very eyes.

A far-away friend, Nicole, not only blogs regularly but she distributes fascinating graphics each week. She finds the graphics as she wanders the web and snags the ones that she finds appealing or compelling or otherwise of particuar interest, then sends them to a group of about 80 friends around the world. Her graphics are very interesting, as is her blog. I've never met her, of course, as she and her husband live in Adelaide Australia, but we have become friends by virtue of the web. The web can be like that.

I've decided I'm going to write a complete, all-encompassing political platform for the party I'd like to have been supporting this election. It may take me some time, but when I'm finished, I'm going to publish it here and will ask readers who find it appealing to broadcast it far and wide. Maybe it's possible to get a message across to the current parties that will: 1) inform them that we understand more than they think; and 2) persuade them to give thought to their policies, versus the affect their policies will have on their chances for election.

I've recently become extremely interested in men's clothing styles from India. In particular, I like (and want) the kurta and pyjama. The kurta is a very loose-fitting, collarless shirt and the pyjama is a style of pants that are tied at the waist and become narrower toward the bottom of the legs. They are perfect for Dallas weather, particularly for lounging around the house. I think. I may try to buy some this weekend or at least understand how they fit and what size would fit my odd bulbous shape. The more I see of Indian fashion, the more I like it; even the more formal stuff, which I tend not to like in any stye.

Tonight is pizza night. It's easy and does not require interrupting the time that must be spent dealing with the sugar addicts this evening. Pizza, sliced jalapeƱos, and an appropriate mixed drink is just the ticket for this last day of the tenth month of the 2008th year.


KathyR said...

But what is the appropriate mixed drink for pizza + jalapenos? What kind of pizza?

As always, I go straight for the food/drink...

Springer Kneeblood said...

Chicken supreme...chunks of chicken, peppers, onions, all sorts of stuff. Any drink goes well with it. I had a wierd one...bourbon and diet coke. It sounds awful, but it's not.

Nicole said...

You know, I even saw kids trick or treating out here in Adelaide! That never used to happen here 20 years ago. I am convinced that it began with the onslaught of American television shows being screened.

And I agree on the "Indian" clothing topic, though, a lot of that is actually old Persian. The "western" world has very meaningless clothing.