Sunday, January 9, 2011

Poor Poems

My best writing begins, and ends, in the shower. It's especially good when I'm alone in the house and I can sing what I write without need to control the volume. If only I captured my poetry there, I'd have something I might consider worthy of publication. But the flashes of brilliance are too dazzling for me to remember, at least I can't remember them correctly. So later, when I try to write them down, they're no longer what they were. The good parts are lost. I'm stuck with what I remember of them. My memory is poor. And so, therefore, are my too-late-recorded poems.


YourFireAnt said...

As my mother used to say: quit bellyaching and get on with it.


bev said...

You have an iPhone, right? There is probably a voice recording app for it. There is one for the iPad - I think it was a free app. Works great. Don't miss recording another good idea, thought, or line.