Friday, March 26, 2010

He was Screening at the Bottom of His Lungs

I've decided to share some images from my desktop. I have no particularly good reason except to try out my Jing software to see if its image-capture capabilities are suited to capturing and then displaying screen shots.

This first image is
the home page of my home computer. I created it so I could get quick access to all the places I like to visit frequently (or need to visit frequently) without using "Favorites." I hate favorites. They're a pain in the ass. I like my way better. Plus, I keep my HTML skills from getting too rusty.

This second image is the blog of a guy I've never met, but he shares my birthday so he can't be all bad. He and his wife (also a blogger and a woman who devours books like she's hooked on paper) live in Seattle. He is a kayaker, musician, and consultant who knows more than I do about accounting software and systems. You can visit him here

This a recent post by a blogger who is an incredibly talented naturalist, photographer, and author and who is living my fantasy of roaming at will. She in Arizona (or was last I looked) at the moment, but almost ready to head out to Nova Scotia and a place that will become yet another place I want to visit. You can visit her here

Here is a blog written by three crazy women, one of whom lives (for the moment) in Connecticut and, like the woman who writes the one above, is a free spirit. I like all three of them, but one of them, Ellie, is my favorite. She spends quite alot of time in a tavern and and in her Westy and enjoys libations almost as much as I do. So does her husband. You can visit these crazy people here.


bev said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, John. I feel quite honored to be on your list of "places I like to visit frequently". And, yes, I am still in Arizona, but departure is imminent. It looks like I may have to run the gauntlet as far as weather is concerned (where have we heard that before?!). (-:

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Crazy? Who you callin' crazy?