Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ansel Adams

Take a look at these Ansel Adams photographs. They were taken in 1941-1942 as part of a project for then Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes, but the project got shelved due to the invasion of Pearl Harbor.

I wonder if this little girl is still alive and, if so, what she is doing today? What must her life have been like? It would be fascinating to try to find out who she was and to learn more about her and her family and the other people Ansel Adams met during his engagement to take those photos.

This is yet another gem I learned about courtesy of NPR. Who in their right mind really thinks NPR is a left-wing mouthpiece? Oh. Sarah Palin. Now it's all clear to me.

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KathyR said...

Sarah Palin thinks that about anyone who isn't writing her a check.