Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where is Grumpy Old Man?

I periodically follow the belligerent rants of an aging (75 years and counting) ex-pat blogger who has lived in Spain with his Scandanavian wife for many, many years. He is far more militantly left-wing than I and I sometimes find his posts over the top...but they're heart-felt and they're from someone who has seen the American presence worldwide from two very distinctive and opposing perspectives. In spite of his lengthy strings of profanity and his misspellings and hsometimes too "black and white" point of view, I enjoy reading his comments. Beyond that, I've enjoyed listening to the music he's placed on his blog to accompany his diatribes. He's the guy who introduced me to Liam Clancy, the last of the Clancy Brothers who recently died.

Well, as I recall, the last post of his I read was posted November 10. He usually posts a few times each week, so several weeks without posts is alarming. Then, a few days ago, I tried to reach his site and could not reach it. He has not responded to at least two emails I have sent to him and I'm getting concerned.

On the off-chance anyone who reads this knows him or knows why his site has disappeared, I'm asking that you tell me. You can contact me at I would like to know he's just been unceremoniously kicked off his hosting platform for awhile. I'd rather that be the reason I can't reach him than anything else.


bev said...

I hope he's fine. I did a search for the URL for the blog and the word "suspended" and found this - hopefully this link will work:
When you click on the link, it just takes you to that page that says "Problem". Just for the heck of it, I did a search for "Parallels H-Sphere Account has been suspended" and see lots of different blogs that are listed as suspended. Can't tell you anything more than that. Maybe he'll get up and running again under a different host.

Springer Kneeblood said...

Thanks, Bev. You got further than I did. His account has been inexplicably suspended before...I hope this is just another glitch, too.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh dear. A problem for the 21st Century, I guess. How to find out what's going on with someone you don't know, in another country....

Good luck. Hope all's okay.

(Oh, and I'll post that linguine and clam sauce recipe in the comments for that post. As we said when I was a kid, it's cinchy."


Springer Kneeblood said...


I've checked repeatedly...still not linquine & clam sauce receipe post. I know, you only posted today, but I'm hungry!