Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arizona Ash

I was awakened early this morning to explosive cracks of thunder, accompanied by a brilliant lightening show. I have not looked out into my front yard yet this morning, delaying the possibility of seeing a massive Arizona ash, horribly disfigured by the howling winds that roared in with the storm. I only hope the poor monster is still standing. He has lost far too many limbs during the storms of the past two years; something may be wrong with him. I think his life may be nearing its end.


YourFireAnt said...

Let's see a photo.


p.s. You're lucky. We've been expecting t'storms for a week. The air is so heavy it's hard to wave.

Kathi D said...

Are you in Arizona? That's where I grew up. I remember the thunderstorms that started with mighty dust storms, and Mom calling us all to run out and take the clean laundry off the line before it all had to be done over again.

Springer Kneeblood said...

FA--No problems, after all.

KathiD--I'm in Dallas (TX); the Arizona Ash just happens to have been popular her about 30 years ago when they planted this one. It's lifespan usually runs around 28 years here.

There would have been no getting the laundry off the line with this storm...I remember similar scenes from my childhood in South Texas.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Tell us. Is your ash okay? How about your tree?