Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thunder and Lightening and Rolling Down the Road

I haven't been able to sleep worth a damn for the past few nights, but last night and this morning have been the most difficult so far. It's 4:30 am now and I've been up for about an hour, awakened by blinding flashes of lightening and bone-shaking rolls of thunder that echo and growl for a full minute after the initial clap.

But it wasn't the lightening and thunder, alone, that awoke me, nor was it the torrential downpour that accompanied them. It was my lower back. For days, my lower back has been giving me grief, especially when I lay on my back in bed. When I attempt to turn over onto my side, jabbing pain shoots up and down my lower spine, rousing me out of what little sleep I've been enjoying. I went to bed early last night in an attempt to rid myself of the flu-like achyness I've been experiencing (it's not the's simply achy like the flu); aside from going to sleep quickly and snoring loud enough to send my wife out of the room, that didn't have much effect. Damn bones!

Yesterday afternoon we went to an RV show and climbed around inside some Class B and Class A motor coaches. I thought the van-sized versions that would be very easy to drive would appeal to me, but I found myself in awe of the monsters that looked to be the size of a bus. Some of them have 2 bathrooms, washers and dryers, satellite television and internet access, and seating for seven! They are huge. But I am not sure I can envision myself driving one of the behemoths, nor paying for fuel. The van versions can get up to 22 miles per gallon; I have no idea about the luxury coaches with living rooms and full-size side-by-side stainless steel refrigerators, tiled floors, and granite countertops, but I suspect not. We may have to rethink our decision to travel and live in our little motor home. My blogger friend who, with her husband, wandered the earth in her Westy for 7+ years swears by it, but that little space just seems too small for a geezer with a desire for comfort.

It's 4:45 am now. Maybe I should make coffee; I'm not likely to go back to bed.


KathyR said...

How many motel rooms would the cost of that giant RV cover?

Springer Kneeblood said...

KathyR...several. Lots. Many. Enormous numbers. That's why I'm not buying a luxury coach. Well, it's ONE of the reasons I'm not buying one.