Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Times

My brother and his wife came through last weekend, for a 3-day visit. It was fantastic. They share our love of Indian, Afghan, and Vietnamese food and they like wine. Couldn't be better. And they are liberal in their politics and fun to be around. And they enjoy many of the same things we do. So it was a good time. This photo is the two of them at one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, where we all had curry...three of us opting for goat curry and my sister in law opting for chicken curry. It was fabulous stuff. Not much to look at, but the restaurant serves some outstanding Vietnamese food. Most of the clientele are Vietnamese and they seem to like it, too, and suggest it it authentic. I could be fooled...but with the taste, that would be OK, too.

And these are a few of the bottles of wine the four of us went through over the course of several days. I didn't get many photos, as I tend not to when I'm having a good time. I forget. And I did. But if I had gotten a few other photos, they might have included a few shots of the four of us playing Sequence, a board game that my wife and I first played when visiting the two of them in Mexico. I'm not much of a board game fan, but I really enjoy Sequence. Even when, as occurred this time around, the two women whipped us badly.

One day I'll get into the habit of shooting lots of pictures when I'm having a good time. One day.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That's allright -- the empties tell the story well. LOVE the new Guinness photo, too.


YourFireAnt said...

Sounds like a happy scene. You should figure out a way to keep them there.