Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to Normal

My sister had an angioplasty on Tuesday that went well, except that it was complicated by severe breathing problems during the procedure. She improved enough to be released from the hospital yesterday (Saturday), so all is right with the world. Well, almost. I filled a new prescription for her that the pharmacist said her insurance wouldn't cover because of the way it was written (the dosage). It was horrifically expensive, at $329 or more (I forgot), but I was happy to pay it. Sister, though, was not happy and insisted I take it back to get a credit on my credit card...she has other sources.

So, this morning I will take it back. And then will return my rental car and head home. I was going to take the bus home, but the logistics of getting from the rental car return place to the bus station are just too damn involved and unreliable (and expensive), so the bus will have to wait for another trip. Speaking of which, I better make my reservation online.

OK, and now I return to normal, to the extent that is possible.


KathyR said...

I'm glad she's better. You're a good brother.

bev said...

Good to hear that the operation went well. Wild price for a prescription though.