Thursday, March 26, 2009

North Dakota

At least a small number of board members of one...or more...of my clients has it in for me. They want to dump us. It's stressful, because I plan on holding on for 3 more years. But I may not be able to. It's very, very stressful and I am reaching beyond my limits of being able to put up with it. I'd say I'm near the breaking point. If I go past that point, things won't be pretty. I'll say things I'll regret and be forced into early retirement out of necessity...because no one will be willing to do business with me.

If I were more disciplined, I could just suck it up and act like the slave-bitch, but I do not have the discipline or self-loathing to be willing to do that. I have plenty of self-loathing, but not enough to bend to these bastards. On the other hand, I have to look out after us...keep us out of the poor-house.

Goddamn, I'm not a happy guy right now and I have a client event coming up which will just make it worse. Fuck this! I am not feeling hospitable toward any living thing right now, except to feel empathy and sympathy and pain for the poor people in North Dakota who are dealing with a 1000 year flood in 20 degree temperatures. Compared to their lives, mine is a piece of cake. I shouldn't bitch. But I can't help it. I think I'd rather be in North Dakota.


KathyR said...

Because North Dakota is a physical thing. You shore up. And/or you evacuate. It works or it doesn't. Instant results and, good or bad, you did your best.

Business life? Mushier and harder to determine who wins or even whether or not you did your best.

North Dakota looks good compared to that.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I can't stop thinking about those peeps in North Dakota. I, too, compare my easy life -- which *is*, actually, really easy -- with theirs. It just keeps snowing on them. It's beyond the pale.