Monday, March 16, 2009

New York in June

I noticed today that I still have 183,000 frequent flyer miles on American Airlines. It occurred to me that, if the economy continues on its present course, I will lose them. So I decided to use 50,000 of them and surprise my wife...sort of. I now have 133,000 miles left; I should use them.

I arranged for two tickets to New York in June, the week before her birthday. Seven days in New York. Before I sealed the deal, though, I asked her if it was OK. She said yes, but didn't seem the least bit excited about it. I went ahead and locked them in, though. She'll develop a sense of excitement before we make the trip.

We'll arrive on a Friday and leave the following Friday. Next: where to stay! I have no points for hotel stays, so we may sleep in Central Park.

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YourFireAnt said...

Hey this is great. Tell me when you're going to be there and we can all meet up.