Sunday, August 1, 2010

It was a dark and steamy morning...

Here I am again, up way too early on a Sunday morning. I got up around 4:30, but I had been awake off and on for a long time before that. It was a string of dreams from which I awakened that convinced me to get up; I didn't want any more of those dreams. The heat and humidity may have something to do with being up at this hour. It's too damn hot and I feel like it's way too humid, too. We should relocate to a cooler, drier climate.

The first dream involved me sitting at a table with the board of directors of a client organization. They were arguing over whether I should go to the parent organization's annual conference. I just listened, not telling them I had no interest in attending. The second one involved me digging around a back-yard with a shovel, to discover that a wooden deck was buried underneath a foot or two of soil and grass; one of my brothers chastised me for damaging the wood with the shovel.

Neither dream was particularly offensive, but both were annoying and had the character of dreams that could keep repeating if I drifted back to sleep. So I didn't.

I haven't made coffee yet...I haven't decided whether I will. Nothing of interest has struck my fancy on my internet wanderings yet this morning, so maybe I need coffee to jolt my imagination awake.

So, I'm off to wander...trying to decide.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Make. Coffee. Always make coffee.

I *hate* physical labor dreams; I always wake up wiped out.



YourFireAnt said...

Ugh. One of those mornings when the temperature has reached the 80s beFORE the sun's up? Might as well move into the filled bathtub for the day.

OR....move to a cooler clime.

Taradharma said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess dreaming was the theme for Sunday!

I have been in hot, muggy summer climes on trips, and I honestly don't know how people go about their day and maintain their function. Maybe they don't.

I wouldn't drink coffee: I'd take a sleeping pill and escape the heat - no matter what the dreams!