Friday, August 20, 2010

Celery Stalks

12.4 pounds down, 71.6 to go. If I accomplish this feat I will weigh 160 pounds. I cannot BELIEVE how much weight I've put on since my temporary health fanaticsm right after my coronary bypasses. That was six years ago. My lowest weight at the time was 185, very briefly. That was after I'd lost about 25 pounds or thereabouts. I have 46 pounds to go just to get there. I've put on SO much weight since then.

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to eat pizzas,
Let 'em eat carrots and celery stalks,
Make 'em play sports and take strenuous walks.

OK, I can't do this, but you probably get the message.


Phil said...

Congratulations on progress so far! You're my hero. I could drop 15 and not miss them.

Pensionado said...

Good on you!

Jicima helps. Walks are good. Is there a pool in the vacinity?

keep it up!

bev said...

You're doing terrific! As Phil says, you're a hero.